Alicia Toldi


Jordan Levantini

Sticks + Stones / Clackers

D. Flores

Stop and Smell the Roses

Michael Andre Huffaker

Interviews with the Negative Space

Natalie Price

The One that

Got Away

McNair Evans

heritage 780700

Maurice Sampson

Jacob Feldman


Meredith Brion

GoodNight (Moon)

Meredith Brion

Fog in San Francisco

Ben Young

Oversprays and Afterthoughts

Jordan Levantini

A Short Recent History

Jen Berry & JB Rumburg

When the City Meets the Sea

Rachel Walther

Outest Sunset

the Window Gallery at Last Ave Studios

Annora Radell

Clare Szydlowski

JB Rumburg,

Andre Huffaker

& Jordan Levantini

Alvan Long +

Rob Gonnella

Misplaced Objects

Ryan Bieber

Welcome Home

Sean Negus

The Nostalgic Phantasma: A Transhistorical Visual Poetics of Place

Jordan Levantini

Share the Modern World With Me

Alicia Escott

An Addendum to A Brief History of the Sunset: after you left I started buying things on Amazon

Nyssa Zinn

The Ocean Brings Us Closer #2

A + J Levantini


Clare Szydlowski

JB Rumburg

Jessica Robin

Jordan Levantini

& Andre Huffaker