Meredith Brion

Fog in San Francisco

Jordan Levantini

A Short Recent History

Rachel Walther

Outest Sunset

the Window Gallery at Last Ave Studios

Michael Andre Huffaker

Interviews with the Negative Space

A + J Levantini


Maurice Sampson

Jordan Levantini

Sticks + Stones / Clackers

D. Flores

Stop and Smell the Roses

Alicia Escott

An Addendum to A Brief History of the Sunset: after you left I started buying things on Amazon

McNair Evans

heritage 780700

Jacob Feldman


Alicia Toldi


Natalie Price

The One that

Got Away

Meredith Brion

GoodNight (Moon)

Alvan Long +

Rob Gonnella

Misplaced Objects

Ryan Bieber

Welcome Home

Jordan Levantini

Share the Modern World With Me

Ben Young

Oversprays and Afterthoughts

Nyssa Zinn

The Ocean Brings Us Closer #2

Jen Berry & JB Rumburg

When the City Meets the Sea

Annora Radell

Clare Szydlowski

JB Rumburg,

Andre Huffaker

& Jordan Levantini

Clare Szydlowski

JB Rumburg

Jessica Robin

Jordan Levantini

& Andre Huffaker